How we work

This is how we normally work. Most of our clients don’t live close to our studio, so we are used to work on the Internet. We make a point in making you feel comfortable, so if you need something special, please do not hesitate to contact us .

  1. Take a closer look at the invitations
    We assume that you won’t be visiting us at the shop, unless you come on holiday to Spain and spend a few days in Madrid. If you send us your address and we’ll post you a sample of our wedding invitations so you can have a better look at them. It’s not the same to see the cards on the computer screen than to have them in your own hands. These samples are free unless you want us to send you the folder’s model. Due to the high Spanish postal rates we will ask you to pay for the shipping of this sample, that is 6 euros.
  2. Tell us how you would like your caricature
    If you like the invitation send us an idea of ??how you would like to appear in it. You can be skiing, hot air balloon riding, swimming … We can include your church or your pet. If you want the characters to have your face, send us some pictures from you and your broom or bride where we can have a good look at you.
  3. We tweak the design until you completely agree with it
    We modify the sketch until you are fully happy with it. Then we ink the design and make color tests, depending on the number of colors you want.
  4. We prepare the text Then we work on the text.  When you send us the text we prepare a design and send it back  so you can see the drawings and letter font. Once you confirm that that’s the way you want it, we are all set to go. Well, except for a tiny detail…
  5. Payment and printing of invitations.This is when we ask you to pay for the product. After receiving the payment including shipping costs we proceed to prepare the screens and printing of the invitations. You can either do a bank transfer or pay via Paypal.
  6. Sending the cards invitations.
    We send by courier to all Europe.The price for this service depends on the weight of the parcel, which is different depending on the type of cards you chose and the number of items you ordered. Delivery time is 48 to 72 hours and costs about 30 euros, but we’ll let you know beforehand. 

    The fees and import duties that may exist in countries outside the EEC are not included and would run for your account.

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Envíanos un whatsapp
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