Types of cards

#1 – Envelope

Wedding cards with your caricature Easy does it. This is our basic model: The card is printed on a cream laid paper and folded like a book. The design is on the outer side of the card and details of the wedding on the inside.

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#2 – In a folder

serigrafiamos a uno, dos y tres coloresThe caricature is printed on a separate sheet of paper and stored in a special folder made of cardboard with your text printed on the inside.

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#3 – In a sheath

We prepare a sheath with little animals printed in a corner. Inside comes the card with the details of the event on one side and a caricature of the couple on the other.

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#4 – Just the design

If you’d rather have us design your card but would prefer to print it on your local store, just check with us. We can either prepare a one-color caricature, or a full-color one.

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